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Ray Keeling and son Jason Keeling come together with over 60 years of combined photography experience. Separate, both have enjoyed success at professional photography and digital art - together they continue to perfect the timeless scenes unfolding on countless ranches around Texas. They love to learn the history of the land, learn about the people who own the land, and make photographic documentaries for the families to enjoy for generations to come. Both have dove headlong into the world of Texas ranches and love being out "on the range". Aided by a new 4x4 RTV, the father and son team can get to places in the ranch that history has forgotten. Family land can change hands, or economic disasters can force sell-offs, so now is the time to document the scenes, people, animals, history, rivers, cabins, graveyards, and hunting trophies of your ranch.

Taken on a ranch near Lampasas, Texas.


The Texas Lognhorn

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An African Safariā€¦ in TEXAS

Texas Ranch Photography

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