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An African Safari… in TEXAS



Ever thought about taking an African Safari? The thrill and excitement of tracking, observing and photographing exotic African animals is a lifetime goal for many Texas families and amateur, professional photographers.

High costs, travel logistics and time away from home are the most commonly incurred problems when planning an expensive exotic African Safari. So if any or all of those things are a problem, you still have the opportunity to experience an African Safari… Texas style while saving you time and money.


Living in Texas has given many us Texans the opportunity to experience and to photograph exotic animals like on a real African Safari excursion… minus a few of the more dangerous African animals. (aka lions, rhinos, etc).


Some of the advantages in taking a Texas Safari are: 1) - There are many Texas exotic game ranches located in north, central, west and south Texas. 2) - Not nearly as expensive saving you money. 3) – No travel logistical problems such as passports, immunizations, currency exchanges, etc. 4) – Most of these Texas exotic game ranches are an easy drive from most major Texas cities. 5) – Besides photographing animals/wildlife, landscape photography can be incredibly beautiful on these ranches.


Most all exotic game ranches have lodging available, scheduled game tours with experienced guides and a host of other none photographic activities. Check websites to get a feel of their facilities, activities, animals and pricing.


Here is a basic list of photography equipment you’ll need. Take a camera with as many assorted lenses as possible. Bring the longest and fastest lens you can find for any wildlife images, exotic and/or native. A mono-pod is a great addition for your equipment needs. A camera bag/backpack to store all this equipment is also essential. Be sure to take the right clothing for the time of year.


Here is a small sample of Texas Exotic Game Ranches that cater to families and photographers.

The YO Ranch - 

The 74 Ranch Resort - 

The Greystone Castle - 


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Ray Keeling - August 01, 2012